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By JC Knobel

As everyone knows, a worldwide pandemic hit us two years ago & pretty sure it is a swear word by now known as COVID, it was decided back then that it won’t be feasible to plan an event for the future as nobody knew for sure what the future will hold for us. It was decided to move the event to April 2022.

The long awaited event took place over the long Easter weekend from 15 – 18 April with 7 boats that consisted of 3x non-furling & 4x furling entries which was successfully hosted by Port Owen Yacht Club in the awesome sailing waters of St Helena Bay on the West Coast.

The program consists of welcoming on Thursday evening followed by racing on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. No racing was scheduled for Monday as we had the prize giving buffet brunch for all competitors to end the event on a high. The tides made sure we could enjoy all our nights till late as high tide on all the days was only later in the afternoons. For those that are not familiar to Port Owen, a 30 minute motor is required to reach the Great Berg river mouth into St Helena bay from the main marina basin.

The first night was a welcoming dinner at POYC where each skipper had to introduce their boat & crew. One of the local entries Seaweed entered a all ladies crew. The first meal of the event set a good standard for all the meals that follow for the rest of the event. For supper we enjoyed Caribbean chicken thigh bake, rice & veg. Granadilla pudding & cream for dessert. Beautiful.

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Charlie's Brewhouse H23 Fun Worlds 2022

charliesWe are pleased to announce that Port Owen Yacht Club will be hosting the Charlie's Brewhouse H23 Fun Worlds over Easter weekend 2022. (15-18 April) 

In the meantime, we would like to arrange a group sail for H23's from GBYC, FBYC, HBYC and RCYC to Dassen Island. We would all meet at RCYC where I will request moorings to accommodate the fleet. We will then depart for Dassen Island at first light, where we will raft up for the night, departing for Port Owen early the following morning. We would look at doing this trip a week or two before the Worlds, weather depending. 

Charlie's Brewhouse has once again joined as our main sponsor. Exciting prizes to be announced soon. 

Frank Stuyck has offered to sponsor lifts for boats arriving by road in and out onto trailers.

ENTER ONLINE - https://www.portowenyc.co.za/charlies-brewhouse-holiday-23-fun-worlds-2022/

Provisional Itinerary

  • Thursday -  welcome braai
  • Friday - racing
  • Saturday - racing with possible overnight at anchor (open for discussion within committee)
  • Sunday - racing (with possibly a fun race in teams)
  • Monday - breakfast prize giving


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Vaal Dam Holiday 23 'Spring Villiers Cruise'

IMG 20210924 WA0068Hats off the H23 'Vaalie' fleet. These guys and gals really extract the maximum value out of their lovely boats.
Rod Alport, the man who has taken the reigns of the Vaal Dam H23’ers, has not let the weeds grow under his keel. Over the past long weekend he organized yet another very successful Spring Villiers cruise for the fleet.
Rod was careful to advise that the cruise entailed a goodly amount of motoring, and that the skippers had better stow extra fuel just in case.
The weather outlook was favourable and the fleet left their home club’s and moorings on a mission to have fun and enjoy themselves
Braaing en route, so easily achieved on a H23, seemed the way to go, and even a Pizza was baked en route.
What is so great about this group is that they constantly post on the Whatsapp Group, and us land lubbers got to hear about the odd boat running aground, with no lasting issues thankfully, and the posting of some magnificent pics, both on the water and on land for the stop-over braais.

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Holiday 23 MastersBy Allan Rosenberg

Today is the 28th April 2021. One day after the Holiday 23 Vaal Dam Masters event, and I have empty nest syndrome, after a 3 months build up to one of the best annual sailing events on the dam.

This year we had 20 boat entries and 48 hungry mouths to feed. The itinerary had to be designed with Covid in mind so all socializing was planned outdoors.

I arrived at Stilbaai Yacht Club at 7:00 am of Day One thinking I'd get there early to launch my boat. It looked like someone had shaken up a bee hive, there was so much excitement and action with 8 boats lined up ready to be launched. Elbow greetings turned into hearty hand shakes and hugs were done with caution but that's what family do.

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