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(Please note that some of the thumb nails may not show but click on the blank space to open the enlarged photo. Some gremlin I am still trying fix)







Trip to Villiers Roux Gerber and Diekie Schoeman earlier this year.









July 2010




TUKA (ex-Spindrifter) sailing in Luanda, thanks to Carlos Lopes for the pictures



January 2010



Vaaldam and Anchor Creek, thanks to Roux Gerber for the pictures.






Old road submerged under water.







Pictures sent by Gary Vorster:  Manten Marina







December 2009 and January 2010


Peedeeq, Nina and Mini Me on a crayfish trip 26th Dec 2009




Roux and Christine

visited Gordon's Bay






Repairs being done to Mini Me's furler extrusion on a lovely Summers day in Gordon's Bay



15th January 2010


    Panama                        Lock                                Lock 1                           Lock 2                Lock 3                        Lock 4                        Lock 5        




                                    Bridge                    Bridge 1                    Bridge wing         Bridge wing controls


                    Broken CAM                                                    Panama Star                           Safmarine in Panama



Hello My Sailing Friends 


Happy new year to you all and happy sailing for 2010


Here is a couple of pics from our Panama Canal crossing on the Norwegian Star.It takes about 12 hours and we go through 4 different locks.I also added a picture of our broken CAM - we will cut a hole in the hull and remove the engine,then patch up and sail again,The Chief Engineer told me the damage was about $1.5 Million US....ouch.. We are on our way to Miami and then back to Los Angeles where we will get ready to go to Vancouver for the winter Olympics.


Hope you are all well.



I'd Rather be Sailing.....











Last weekend we sailed to Stompneus Bay for the weekend. 3 Holidays took part. Gail and I on Sea Mist
Johann and Veronica on Fat Cat and Patrck and JC Knobel on Barato
Two bigger boats also took part and guess where the party was ?
On the three H23's of course !! The pics tell the story.

Regards Frank