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This page last updated 19th October 2009

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Vaaldam Yacht Clubs

Yacht Clubs\Vaaldam.pdf (Click on this link for a Google Image of all the yacht clubs on the Vaal Dam)

(Thanks to Roux Gerber for helping to locate all the Vaal Dam yacht clubs)

Roux Gerber writes:

Fools Point is the point where most Vaal Dam sailors had made a "un-controlled beach"

Hawaiian Shore is a shallow point just before the island and it is marked with a buoy. When the dam is at 60% of it's capacity Hawaiian Shore and Beacon Island are the popular places to have a braai, but at 90% of it's capacity you must try to avoid the buoys.

"Converence" is where the Wilge and the Vaal River meets. Just after Manten Marina is "Dicky's Fart". At this place there are normally an unexpected strong wind and is named after the owner of Manten Marina, Dicky Manten.

Oranjeville is not a very popular place to sail because of the bridge and shallow water.



Here are Google images of some of the clubs where Holiday 23's are kept.


Manten Marina                               Lake Deneys YC                            Bayshore Marina



Pennant Nine YC                           Mountain YC                              Hartbees Poort Dam



Luanda                                            Club Mykonos                            Club Naval Maputo



Gordon's Bay YC                           Harbour Island GB                        Midmar Dam

(Sand banks have been removed)



Bluff YC                                          Port Owen YC                                Royal Cape YC



Hout Bay YC                                  False Bay YC                                 Thee Waters Kloof


Stilbaai YC Vaal Dam

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