1.         NAME

The name of the Association shall be the HOLIDAY 23 CLASS OWNERS

ASSOCIATION, hereinafter referred to as the ASSOCIATION.

2.         ADDRESS

The address of the Association shall be that of the current Honorary

secretary / Treasurer.

3.         OBJECTS


The Objects of the ASSOCIATION are:

To ensure in as far as possible, uniformity of the CLASS in accordance

with the HOLIDAY 23 CLASS RULES and with the rules and restrictions

applicable to the CLASS and resolved upon by the ASSOCIATION in the

interest of all yacht owners. It is firmly intended that the rules be adhered

to. Any deviation shall be invalid unless approved by the Committee of

the Association.

To keep proper records of yachts registered with the Association.

To organise races / regattas.

4.         MEMBERSHIP

Membership of the Association shall be open to persons of 18 years or over

upon application to the Honorary Secretary / Treasurer and upon payment of the current annual subscription. Such subscription shall be due on the 1st January each year.

Only members who are owners or part owners of Holiday 23 Yachts and who have paid their subscriptions shall be eligible to vote on any matters relating to Class Rules.

Honorary Life Membership may be awarded by unanimous recommendation of the committee to be confirmed at a General Meeting.

Membership will be open to people who are not boat owners, but as previously stated they will not be able to vote on any matters relating to Class Rules.

In special circumstances persons of age less than 18 years but not younger

than 16 years may be admitted to membership by the Committee of the


5.         COMMITTEE

The Executive Committee of the association shall comprise the President,

Vice-President and Honorary Secretary / Treasurer, each of whom shall be

proposed, seconded and elected by a majority vote of members present and voting by post at a General Meeting of the Association.

An ad hoc committee will be established if and when required.  The committee shall meet as often as necessary to carry out its duties and may correspond by email.

A quorum for any meeting of the committee shall be three.

As necessary Ad Hoc Committees will be set up for each Sailing Centre. The duties of these Ad Hoc Committees will be to represent the interests of boat owners at committee meetings. The following places will be reckoned as sailing centres due to the concentration of Holiday 23’s and can be changed as boats migrate to other centres.

Midmar Dam, Ebenezer Dam, Vaal Dam, Hartebees Poort Dam, Port Owen, Club Mykonos/Saldanha, Gordon’s Bay and Theewaterskloof Dam.

6.         A.G.M

Every regatta with attendance of 10 or more boats will be an Annual General Meeting.


A Special General Meeting may be called by the committee or by requisition of not less than the number of registered members required in terms of the Constitution (paragraph 9) to constitute a quorum at an annual General Meeting.

Fourteen days notice of such meeting must be given in writing, together with the agenda, to every registered member of the Association at the last known address.

Postal votes will be allowed and must be in the hands of the Honorary

Secretary / Treasurer before the advertised time of the meeting.

8.         VOTING

Only owners or part owners of HOLIDAY 23 Class yachts who have paid their subscription shall be eligible to vote on any matters pertaining to the Class Rules, Constitution and any matters of the Association and only one vote per yacht will be allowed.

9.         QUORUM

The quorum for an Annual or Special General Meeting shall be at least ten

percent of the number of members who are boat owners, i.e. only one member per boat will be used to calculate the ten percent.

10.       PRESIDENT

At all meetings of the Association a Chairman will be elected for that meeting.


An amendment to the Constitution or to the Class Rules shall require two thirds majority of those present and voting by post who are eligible to vote at a general meeting of the Association.

12.       FUNDS

The Honorary Secretary / Treasurer shall invest and control the funds of the

Association as directed from time to time by the Committee. He shall keep

proper records of accounts and shall present a statement of accounts at the

Annual General Meeting.

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