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H23 Barato and skipper Patrick Knobel was crowned overall winner of the 2011 WCC. There were 5 H23's entered for this event and would make up a class! It all started as follows: 

23 Dec 2011: Barato was sailed around from Port Owen to Yachtport SA in Saldanha to start the WCC from there. This would prove to be a good decision on 26 Dec 2011. 

26 Dec 2011: Skipper and crew (JC Knobel and JP Stuyck) were greeted by a stiff NE breeze on arrival at Yachtport SA, Saldanha. After a brief meeting it was decided to leave for Dassen Island and capitalise on the downwind run from where the WCC would start. We were a day early and wanted to use maximum time at Dassen Island. It would also be Barato's first visit to the Island. We surfed our way to the Island and reached good speeds at about 9 - 10 knots. We ran out of breeze 5 nm North of Dassen and motored the last part having cold Windhoek lagers for this part. A log was to be completed for this leg and the responsibility was given to newly qualified skipper JC who in the end would score full marks!!! 

27 Dec 2011: We awoke to a beautiful sunrise in House Bay. We were to treat this as a rest day and welcome all the other participants who were to arrive during the course of the day. A lovely relaxing day was spent having cold beers and watching the arriving yachts from a distance. A nice braai was had on the Island that evening. 

28 Dec 2011: The second leg of the WCC would be a race from Dassen to Saldanha. Cruise Control got the race underway just on 11h00 and the downwind dash to Saldanha started. Barato was second over the start line and would eventually end 4th overall on handicap and first in class! Lamb spitbraai at Yachtport and lots of cold ones. 

29 Dec 2011: A stiff southerly breeze greeted the fleet early morning. A bay race was to be sailed today including rounding Jutten Island in 28 knots of breeze. It was a tough day for the small boats and many retirements from the race mostly from the bigger yachts. Barato hung in and finished a credible 5th on handicap. The only other H23 to finish was Calypso with Derek and wife Sharon Robinson. Well done to you two!!! 

30 Dec 2011: This day was a cruise for the WCC fleet to Port Owen. Wind forecast was for strong winds in the afternoon so we got an early start. If only we knew what was waiting for us later the day. Passing Seal Island bag up and surfing at times 10-11 knots we decided to drop the spinnaker and not a moment too soon. Gusts of up to 28 knots at Britannia Rock and Cape St Martin!!! We kept going with an nr 4 and full main and carried on surfing across Britannia Bay until I could not cope any further on the helm. “REEF, REEF” came the order and the first reef was put in by the crew. 30 knots became the norm and a second reef was put in. We went like a Boeing across the Bay and ended in 38 knots off the breakwater at Port Owen. Tied up at the holding jetty waiting for the tide a good few cold ones were enjoyed. 

31 Dec 2011: Today the yachts would be inspected for Concourse D Elegance. Two well-dressed gents would welcome the judges on-board with Champo's and chocolates. Barato came a well-judged second to Windward a Shearwater 39. (maybe we didn't have enough Champo's).... 

RESULTS: Overall winner and winner of Class 2 - Holiday23 BARATO

Winner Multihulls BANJO (Farrier trimaran)

Winner Class 1 Over 30ft WINDWARD (Shearwater 39) 

Note: A Special word of thanks to my crew for making this the enjoyable cruise it was!!! BARATO RULES!!!!!!




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