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Text Box: Box: Preparations for the trip started once I read the article of Peter Morris on the Holiday23 web site.  What he described was so good we could not resist.  Let me warn you beforehand. Do not believe what Peter said in his article. Everything he described we experienced as BIGGER BETTER and more exciting and beautiful.

Text Box: Let us start at the beginning. Long before we even know we could sail. (Some people still believe we cannot.)

Text Box: We, by “we” I refer to my wife X10 (short for Christine) and myself and very many Malamute dogs, live close to the Vaal River (Loch Vaal) and used to do some power boating on the river.  Sunday mornings we would motor from Rietspruit (next to the old Loch Vaal hotel) to Stone Haven – do a breakfast and motor back.

Text Box: (Why does it now sound so boring?) Anyway – in June 2008 we bought an old Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 cruiser (for the uninformed – a motorbike) in Cape Town. We flew down and cruised back along the East Coast (Wild Coast included.)

Text Box: First time in 20 odd years that any of us set foot on a motorcycle.  Take note that this was in the middle of the winter in the rainy season. The bike trips were an experience and we met some characters along the way.

Text Box: By then the Vaal River became so polluted that we did not care to go on it anymore.  We started doing the breakfast run thing on Sunday mornings on our own.  Round about December of 2008 we did a run to Deneysville and ended up at Anchor Creek Marine.

Text Box: George was (as we later learn as usual) on his post at the restaurant with a beer in his hand. He introduced himself and after about 20 minutes made a remark that I should know a Johan Kotze – owner of Windkat.  This turned out to be an

Text Box: old varsity acquaintance of 30 odd years ago. Johan was still the same guy. In spirit not a day older than 19 – as I learned later is a trademark

Text Box: of sailors.  How George made the connection between us only he would know.

Text Box: We arranged to go on a weekend with Johan and Nelia (Kerneels as he calls her) on Windkat. It turned out to be more exciting and at the same time more relaxing than a motorbike ride.  We were hooked.  George offered to take us on all the different possible classes we might be interested in.  We started off on Blue Pearl, a Van Der Stadt 34. We were intimidated by the size.  We went on to a Van Der Stadt 29, Merlin.  The wife did not like the accommodation. I went on my own with George and Peet van de Water on Peet’s Holiday23 – what a sail! We did 6.5 knots.  A week later we had a late night at the restaurant and went to sleep on Peet’s yacht on the mooring. X10 was

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Text Box: LAKE KARIBA—MAY 2009