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The annual Ron Roseveare Night Race (RRNR), hosted by Pennant Nine Yacht Club (PNYC) took place on the 24th August 2013. There were a total of 22 entries from surrounding clubs. 

The course:

Start:                DAC at 16h30

1st Mark.          LDYC

2nd Mark:         Rose Bay

3rd Mark:          North Bay

4th Mark:            Big Bend

5th Mark:            Game Breeders

Finish:              PNYC 

The course was approximately 50 km (31 miles), considerably shorter than the previous 49 miles, due to lower water level excluding some of the previous marks and ‘repositioning’ to sufficient draft depths.  

Each mark had a yacht anchored at certain GPS co-ordinates at the marks around the dam. The yachts had either a red or green strobe light hanging from their mast, depending whether the mark would be a port or starboard rounding.  

There was a fairly strong wind at the start (15-20kts) It was a great start! The Dragonfly of Ben Mienie went screaming towards the first mark. The Mark attendant was almost caught off guard as they never expected such a fast first leg. All the competitors rounded the 1st mark in good time. 

Martin Smit did the start. He thought he had plenty of time on his hands to get back to PNYC to do the finish. To his surprise, when he noticed the leading boats screaming around the marks, he realised that he had to make very good time in order to drive around to PNYC to finish the leading boats, just in time. 

Skipper M. Hammick, with Alex Schon & crew on The Bogmonster (Seacart 30) was first over the line with the record time of only 1hr 56min.16sec. Second was Ben Mienie on Krokodil (Dragonfly), in a time of 3hr 35min. 10sec., followed by Will Goodlet and crew on the JS9000 – Frumious Bandersnatch in 5hrs 3min. 7sec. 

Unfortunately the wind died down to just about zero knots at about 20h00. Suddenly the fleet stopped moving. A few of the competitors pulled out of the race because they just could not get to the next mark.

With the wind having died down (contrary to the forecast!), the rest of the fleet trickled in slowly thereafter, making for a long night.

The last boat across the finish line was at 04h24, with Bridge officer Martin Smit at the finish line for 11 hours. 

The competitors enjoyed a lovely open fire in the PNYC club house with lovely hot soup and rolls. 

The prize giving took place the next morning at 11h00. Unfortunately the first and second placed skippers and crew had already left and were on their way home. We did, however, manage to get a picture of the third place skipper and crew (attached). 

The Handicap results are:

M. Hammick - The Blogmonster (Seacart 30),

2nd - B. Mienie – Krokodil (Dragonfly),

3rd - W. Goodlet - Frumious Bandersnatch (JS9000),

4th - G. Higgs - Trident Dragonfly),

5th - J. Opperman - Misty (Buccanneer),

6th - W. Hecker - Dignity (Flamenca),

7th - A. Rosenberg - Greylag (H23),

8th - P. Watts - Sir Henry (Bavaria 35),

9th - R. Lenz - Impulse (F1)

10th - T. Kapp - Fairwind (Atlantis 36),

11th - P. De Villiers - Elan Elegant (Elan 350),

12th - A. Engelbrecht - Thunderball (Dragonfly),

13th - R. Van Niekerk - Tehilah (Flamenca),

14th - G. Jordaan – Nikitu (L36),

15th - J. Van der Westhuizen – Jasuka (Cape 28),

16th - M. Greeff – Shaelyn (Bruce Roberts 29),

 17th -  W. Grove – Gitan (H23).  

Thank you all who entered, to our prize sponsors – the Roseveare family – and all the Mark attendees for their contribution, as well as the land-based assistance and caterers.


Ron Rosevear Night race 24th August 2013\2013 Ron Roseveare Results.pdf