This page last updated on 2nd January 2011

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The story of Sea Cottage is really very sad. All my sympathy to the owners. 

I have finally decided to revamp Lorrigray – I have been procrastinating as the cost estimate shows that it is possibly a better idea to buy a boat rather than do the repairs. Anyway I finally decided a few weeks a go to get on with it anyway.  

Could you please provide me with details of the owner of Sea Cottage or ask him to contact me. We can possibly come to a mutually beneficial arrangement. There are quite a few items that I require that could probably be salvaged from Sea Cottage from the look of the pictures – as you may recall I am also known as John Keelless and that is certainly one item. 

I am also interested in any advice from those who have been there on specific items like keel casing repairs, where to get rigging, joining of the mast sections etc. The boat needs repairs to the hull and deck in the midships area as well as the removal and replacement of some of the bulkheads to facilitate access. I will also have to replace the keel, join a broken mast – fairly neat break, and replace the tabernacle amongst other things. 

I have attached a few photo’s of Lorrigray as she currently is for info. 

Thanks for keeping us all informed. The Web page is excellent 



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