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On 26th October 2009 I received this email: 


Larry Davis here.

 I have in the past few months become the owner (with my partner Barry Wolf) of the H23 name, sail number (??as yet). It was in a sorry state and was about to dissolve, with her trailer into the ground at Gillian Shapleys house .Gillian sold the house and this is where the skill of resurrection started to take place. After a few weeks of sorting out the trailer hubs and wheel bearings, Barry's able welding skills , newish leaf springs, new tyres and some air. H23 was again off the ground and 'ready to roll' to her new venue, some 12 km away, which was to say the least-nail biting. We laboured and drove under cover of darkness. It is now in Dave's drive way, and has been receiving the attention she deserves (mostly from Barry). I will prepare some photos in the next few weeks as she nears her refit completion and takes to the water for the first time.



We kept contact since then and about 6 months ago I promised Larry to come and have a look at their newly acquired boat. Somehow it happened that I could not find the time and when I had the time I forgot. Then 2011 arrived and I decided "come hell or high water” I want to see this boat. What I also discovered today was that there is an interesting story about this boat. As you all know I am trying to locate all Holiday 23’s that where built and the first thing I wanted to know was the boat/sail number. On the main sail the number is H23-1, since this boat has a roof lining and we already have boat number 001 listed as “CAS” that belongs to Antony Wegener, roof linings only  started form number 7 or 9 onwards, the number one was immediately ruled out. 

I have only two sources to whom I can turn to and I contacted them, thanks Frank and Brian. Right, the story goes like this.

A hull and deck, which was the first hull and deck, not bonded where sold to a Mr. Eric Budd, who passed away in the mean time. It was then sold to Mrs. Gillian Shapley’s son, Jeremy. When Jeremy took over the boat it had two decks. He then installed the deck with the ceiling liner and probably discarded the one without the liner. Numerous spares where bought like the rudder, rudder box, rudder brackets, mast, winches, etc. Somehow interest in the project were lost and the boat was sitting on her trailer for almost 27 years underneath pine trees “crying to be finished and taken to full fill her purpose” Talking about a “long walk to Freedom”!!! 

And then Larry came into the picture and he ganged up with his buddy, Harry who is the practical one of the two (sorry Larry) and they decided to end this yacht’s long walk to freedom. Being owners of a van der Stadt 36 and an Endurance 37 and a lot of sailing experience they know what a finished boat should like. These two guys are like “David and Jonathan” and are very enthusiastic to complete the boat and start to use her for what she is designed for. 

Larry and Barry we are all standing in anticipation, clapping our hands cheering you on to do just that!!!