Holiday 23 Checklist

  1. Check chainplates for leaks & re-seal if necessary.
  2. Check battery electrolyte level & top up if necessary.
  3. Check battery condition with hygrometer.
  4. Coat battery terminals with petroleum jelly.
  5. Spray the back face of switchpanel with a water displacing contact spray. eg. Hi-lite silicone spray.
  6. Check all halyards for chaffing and replace if necessary.
  7. Tighten all shackles.
  8. Check all split pins on rigging and make sure they are all splayed.
  9. If boat is fitted with roller furling, lubricate the top and bottom swivels.
  10. Check rigging tension and tighten if necessary.
  11. Check all bottlescrew locking nuts are tight.
  12. Check all sails for minor tears etc. have repaired if necessary. (Check what causes the tear).
  13. Lubricate all hinges and locks etc.
  14. Check all blocks & sheeves rotate and lubricate or replace where necessary.
  15. Service winches.
  16. Check when last your outboard was serviced and if necessary have serviced in accordance with your service manual.
  17. Check that bilge pump functions and that all pipes are secure.
  18. If fitted, remove log impellor and check it spins freely clean if necessary.
  19. Check condition of fire extinguisher and re-charge if necessary.
  20. Refer to owners manual for general information.


Before commencement of any trip with your Holiday 23 make sure your trailer bearings have been greased and replaced where necessary and that the brakes are in good working order.