Minutes AGM 26th April 2011 Port Owen

This page last updated 25th May 2011

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NAME                     BOAT NAME                       YACHT CLUB/REGION   

Coenie Thiart             PeeDeeQ                                 Gordons Bay/ Western Cape

Mike Cave and

Rob le Roux              Ancient Mariner                       RCYC/ Western Cape

Philippe Pringiers       Umoya                                    Gordons Bay/Western Cape

Johan Hartman          Fat Cat                                    Port Owen/Western Cape

Kevin Webb             Maximillian                               Port Owen/Western Cape

Pieter von Bredow    Bliss                                         Saldanha/Western Cape

Frank Stuyck            Sea Mist                                  Port Owen/Western Cape

Steve Harman           Vagabond                                Theewaters/Western Cape

Bruce Hepburn         Shenanigans                              Pennant Nine/Vaaldam

Bernard Petersen      Nina                                         Gordons Bay/ Western Cape

Roux Gerber             Romy Jane                               Manten Marina/ Vaaldam

Andre Barnard          Jaytee 2                                    Midmar/ K-Natal

Sean Lumley             Merlot                                      Midmar/K-Natal

Peter Rademan         Martinique                                Mykonos/Western Cape

Jasper v/d Westhuizen Shup                                      Manten Marina/Vaaldam

Rob Morris                Lothlorien                                Mountain YC/Tzaneen

Derek Robinson         Calypso                                  Boskop Dam/Vaaldam

Rupert Nicolay          Daylight                                   RCYC/Western Cape

Ray van Rensburg      Aquafox                                  Boskop/Vaaldam

Mike Robinson          Oran Mor                                Boskop/Vaaldam

Gordon Fitzimons     S midgin                                    Port Owen/Western Cape

Patrick Knobel          B arato                                     Port Owen/Western Cape

Morne Basson           Annie                                       GBYC/Western Cape

John Makepeace       Seaweed1                                GBYC/Western Cape

Brian Cole                 Morning Wings                        Port Owen/Western Cape

Paul van Tellingen      Emoyeni                                   Mykonos/Western Cape

Allan Rosenberg         Greylag                                   Bayshore/Vaaldam


1.              Chairman


         Coenie Thiart unanimously elected as chairman of the Holiday 23 Class Owners Association.


2.              Revised constitution


         The revised constitution were circulated and posted on the H23 web site during February 2010. This constitution was accepted as being the new constitution of the Holiday        Class Owners Association.


           Proposed by:             Derek Robinson

           Seconded by:            Mike Robinson


3.              Johan Hartman unanimously elected as Treasurer.


4.              Sailing area representatives


         NAME                                                                                 AREA

         Rob Morris                                                               Mountain YC/Tzaneen

         Roux Gerber                                                             Vaaldam Area

         Sean Lumley                                                             Midmar/Kwazulu-Natal

         Coenie Thiart                                                             False Bay/Western Cape

         Patrick Knobel                                                          West Coast of Western Cape


5.              Existing Holiday 23 Account


          Decided that Ray van Rensburg will contact the people who has signing rights on an existing Holiday 23 account with a balance of ħR35000.00. That these funds either  to

          be  transferred to the Holiday 23 Class Owners Association or new signing rights be arranged for this account.


         Proposed by: Derek Robinson

         Seconded by: Brian Cole


6.              New Holiday 23 Account


          Decided, that the treasurer will open a new Holiday 23 Class Owners account.


7.              Holiday 23 Moulds


          The Holiday 23 moulds were donated to Brian Cole who is keeping the moulds in trust for the Holiday23 Class Owners Association. The supports of the moulds for the hull

          etc.    were built with pressed wood and have deteriorated over the years and thus became unusable.


         Decided, that the main moulds to be destroyed and that the sub moulds be stored by Frank Stuyck at Port Owen Boat Yard.


         Proposed by: Brian Cole

         Seconded by: Ray van Rensburg


8.              www.holiday23.co.za website


         No changes proposed.


9.              Road Forward


         Holiday 23 Fun Worlds to be held bi-annually

         Holiday 23 Masters Event to be held on the Vaaldam

        To encourage the building of new trailers to increase the numbers of boats attending events. 


10.          General


          See Item 5 above

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