Minutes AGM 28th April 2015 Port Owen

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(No particular order)

Jasper van der Westhuizen, Patrick Knobel, Frank Stuyck, Tjaart van der Linder, Neil Lavin, Derek Robinson, Kevin Webb, Coenie Thiart, Dylan Phelan, Blokkies Loubser, Peter Morris, Ian Macfarlane, Peter Odell, Ray van Rensburg, Marna Cilliers, Henk Jonker, Craig Avery, Morné Basson, Richard Angus, Allan Rosenberg, Gordon Fitzsimons, Bruce Hepburn, Hans Madlener.

Chairman: Coenie Thiart

Vice Chairman: Patrick Knobel (Western Cape)

Question was asked if any body would like to take over the duties of the chairman.

Proposal accepted by all was that the committee stays as it is.

Brief report was given about the association’s money matters, no questions raised.

Frank reported that the association’s trailer will have to be registered in someone else’s name as the current registered owner would like to have the trailor taken off his name.

Coenie Thiart, Frank Stuyck and Patrick Knobel will discuss the way forward.

Accepted, no objections.

Committee members 2015                             

                                        National Chairman: Coenie Thiart

                                        National Treasurer: Ina van der Westhuizen

Western Cape Committee:                                                                             Vaaldam Region Committee

Patrick Knobel (Vice Chairman Western Cape)                                                Allan Rosenberg ( Vice Chairman Vaaldam region)

Frank Stuyck                                                                                                      Jasper van der Westhuizen

Derek Robinson                                                                                                   (Members as appointed)

Marna Cilliers


Note of Gratitude:

The Holiday 23 Fun Worlds in Port Owen was once again a great success and all participants had another amazing experience of being hosted by the West Coast organizing committee - Coenie Thiart, Frank Stuyk, Marna Cilliers, Derrick Robinson and Patrick Knoble. The AGM was held on the 28th April 2015.

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude to all the members for their vote of confidence for accepting me into the "larger family" as the new Vice Chairman of the association. I am most humbled, knowing that there are many H23 members who have been part of the association for longer than I have, that would be worthy of this new title bestowed upon me. I feel confident as Coenie Thiart's right hand man that I will be able and willing to drive our society to ongoing stability and part of my intention will be to draw the members closer into the "family" by arranging Group Sails at given opportunities. These meetings have been steadily growing in attendance with much success and adds to the strength of what keeps the class of Holiday 23 yachts, an attractive choice of boat when deciding what type of yacht to buy, not only because of its ability to satisfy the needs of being a spacious family boat, as well as being one of the most successful designs ever built, but also the success of its social standing in the yachting fraternity.

I also leave myself open to being available for any questions that one might need to ask regarding the Holiday 23 Class Owners Association.

Allan Rosenberg

Cell. 0824101723

Email. allan@creativeofficefurniture.co.za


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