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Our Summer season in Gordon’s bay started with a bang. The change over from Spring to Summer created havoc when we had, on 26 October 2009, a South Easter of up to 120 km per hour. Except for a roller furler of one of the big boats in the harbour that was shredded by the wind no other serious damages were reported. Not near to what happened in PE Algoa Bay Yacht club. A 16 ton breakwater was pushed 30 meters, several yachts sunk, damage to the marina of R4.2 Million etc. (


During the last week of November Sean and Karin Lumley, Merlot, came to visit Gordon’s Bay Yacht Club. They towed their H23 from Pietermaritzburg to Port Owen at first where the spent a couple of days. They planned to stay in Gordon’s Bay for a week, but the friendly South Easter of Gordon’s Bay had other plans with them. They could not sail for even one day and they decided to leave Merlot their and come back after Christmas. Ernie, Bernard and me took turns to look after Merlot. We also helped them to rig the boat when they arrived as well as when they left Gordon’s Bay. So, if you are thinking of towing your H23 anywhere, just tow it to Gordon’s Bay!!   

And then on 6th of December 2009 the South Easter again came to visit Cape Town, damaging boats in Hout Bay this time.  After that we had fantastic sailing days. I took two couples, who never had been on a yacht before, sailing. The one group didn’t enjoy it that much, their faces turned, white, then to yellow and then a greyish colour. I had to turn back to the harbour early. With the other couple we had a fantastic sail. We sailed out in the direction of Simon’s Town on one beat for 10 miles, turned around and averaged 6 -7 knots with a constant Southerly wind of between 15 and 16  knots. I love those sailing days, relaxing, listening to  the sound of the water on the bow and the wind in the rigging. 

On the 28th December Roux and Christine Gerber came to visit me for the day in Gordon’s bay. They are from Anchor Creek Marina on the Vaal Dam. They towed their H23, Romy Jane, to Club Mykonos at Langebaan where they stayed for a few weeks. I very much looked forward to meet them and we had a lovely day on board Pee Dee Q and lots of laughs. I managed to convince them to take part in the West Coast Cruise in Port Owen from the 4th to 8th of January. On Saturday the 3rd I sailed with them form Mykonos to Port Owen where I left them in the capable hands of the members of one of the friendliest clubs on the Cape Coast. Go to Roux and Christine's web site

I still think that my club, Gordon’s Bay Yacht is the friendliest though!! You can enjoy sailing in False Bay’s flat waters and if the wind is not right you can go and tour the Wine Lands Route, go shopping in all the Malls the Cape Peninsula offers, take a scenic drive to Cape Point, go up Table Mountain or enjoy the hospitality of the Cape Waterfront. 

On the 30th our club organised a old year dash to Simon’s Town, only three boats took part, a Van der Stadt 30, Sadler 26 and me on Pee Dee Q. It wasn’t a race there and back in particular but I have heard they say if two yachts are sailing in the same direction, it is a race (?) Well Pee Dee Q was in her elements again sailing their and back arriving their first after a late start and starting late again sailing back also arriving first in Gordon’s bay. Sailing to Simon’s Town, ± 22 miles, in 3 and a half hours and sailing back in 4 hours. Ernie joined me on this trip and we thoroughly enjoyed the sailing. 

I am looking forward to our sailing season this year, I am going to try and sail all the regattas this year. I hope this will be a better new years resolution than the one I have read about.  

This guy’s new years resolution three years ago was: “This year I am not going have a dop before 4 ‘o clock”. The next year: “This year I am not going to have a dop before 11 ‘o clock” This years resolution: “ I am not going to misshhhh one of the AA”s meetinghhsss!” 

Happy sailing. 

Coenie Thiart 



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