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We sail on Kariba which is generally hot and we sleep better outside - it is cooler and we love to sleep under the stars.  The cockpit is a difficult space for an adult to sleep in benches too short and narrow and the floor has the main sheet attachment to dig into your back. To get around the problem I made up a bed of slats stapled to webbing that rests on the cockpit seats and Frances made three mattresses. A mozzie net slung from the boom keeps out unwanted insects. The wash boards have to be inserted to stop the pillows falling into the cabin which results in some acrobatics to get into the cabin in the night. In the morning, the bed is rolled up and with the mattresses it fits nicely into the quarter bunk.  This will not work for tall people but for us it is just perfect. The pictures tell the story.

Peter Morris



Bed stowed in the quarter bunk        Slats laid out in cockpit         Mattresses on top of the slats        Bed made up just needs the top washboard to be inserted and mozzie net rigged

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