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26th August 2009



I have attached the only before photo we have, this was when Dick Manten was delivering to HMYC and we were preparing to put her on the chain mooring. She had already been cleaned and the hull scraped.

I will try to take some more photo’s as we go.

With reference to the trailer, I have done quite a bit of research, building a new trailer with disk brakes etc will set you back about R 35 000.00 (not galvanised). What I then did is measured from the ball to the front axel and set about finding a second hand trailer that had the same axel placements. This was easy, a 21ft powerboat trailers axes are in exactly the correct place. Galvanised hi speed braked double axel trailer licensed and on the road R 10 000.00. The trailer was fully adjustable, se we adjusted the supports as best possible and tested the boat on the trailer, turns out the weight on the tow hitch is perfect but

Obviously the supports were not in the correct place. We measured were the supports should be and the trailer is now at an engineering firm having the keel channel, and supports fitted all adjustable galvanised and attached by ubolts. I was hoping to get the trailer back today, but there was a delay getting the channel iron for the keel so only next week. 

I will keep you posted on further developments.


Sean Lumley







Have a new trailer build contact:


Marc du Plessis

Cape Shade

Business Development

Ph   +27 (0) 21 712 2263

Fax +27 (0) 21 712 2264

Click on this for more info:

 Holiday 23 Trailer.pdf




15th January 2009





                                                                                                Pictures of Helmut's trailer


Hi Coenie,
Please paste on web a small but very important point about the boat on the trailer that Helmut mentioned.
Always pull the keel bolt so that the keel rests on the trailer and not on the boat supports.
I think that is where those cracks come from and I know of a H23 jumping off the trailer after a serious pothole because the bolt was not removed.
Ray van Rensburg
Cell:+27 (0)83 750 0944
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2009 9:13 AM
Subject: RE: Holiday 23 owners FAQ

I just want to make this comment here regarding the design of the trailer supports.

When I was looking for a Holiday to buy some years ago, I noticed that most boats had crushed hull frames in the back of the starboard setee locker which borders on the box under the nav table.
This is trailer damage. The Holiday trailers only have one support under just this frame location. I feel this is not sufficient
I bought a boat that had not been trailerd and did not show this damage.
Subsequently I build a trailer which had substantial supports especially under the longitudinal settee fronts where the bottom, is strong. The keel was resting free on its base and did not carry any load of the hull.  I trailered the boat several thousand km's and even crossing a large speed hump at 40km/h in the dark did no damage to the boat.

I have pictures of the trailer if anybody is  interested.

Helmut Klein






25th November 2008


Hi Guys,

We have a workshop that can build most anything.  I have a trailer up at Mykonos that I could bring back to CT and get my engineers to do the shop drawings.  Then I could sell you the drawings to have someone make them up in your area or could quote you on making the finished trailer… 

If you guys are stuck let me know.  It would take me a week to get my trailer to CT and then about two weeks to do the shop drawings.  From there I could give you a quote within a week.  Let me know if you get stuck…



Best Regards

Marc du Plessis

Cape Shade

Business Development

Ph   +27 (0) 21 712 2263

Fax +27 (0) 21 712 2264



25th November 2008


When I built my trailer in 1999 it cost me R10,000 in material alone and I could of got one from Twin Trailers in Vereeniging for R12,000 identical to the Vagabond trailer.
I have just phoned them and they tell me that they don't build anymore, but make contact with Dick Manten from Manten Marina at Vaal Dam - he may be able to help - especially if there are 4 people wanting trailers.
Ray van Rensburg
P O Box 2656
10 Jeppe Street
Potchefstroom 2520
Tel: +27 (0)18 294 4004
Fax:+27 (0)18 294 6116
Cell:+27 (0)83 750 0944


We have a sound trailer. Maybe a bit over designed but we trailed our H23 up to Inhasoro, North of Vilancolus. The boat was fully equipped plus food, water and fuel for 3 weeks. Towed from Carletonville to Inhasoro and back with a 3lt petrol Nissan. Had no problems with structure of trailer but lost wheel bearings on the way back because I did not look after them when we launched and retrieved at Inhasoro. We have also been down to the Cape on a couple of occasions and to Richards Bay. When I built the trailer, I had it galvanized and this has paid dividends as we have often launched into the sea. We keep our boat on the trailer at home. I am sure that next time Johan is in Carletonville he can make a sketch or two and somebody who has access to Cad drawing systems can produce drawings for the class. The braking system may be a bit out dated for current regulations ( disc brakes operated by rods ) but this can be sorted out when purchasing the axles, in my case 2 rubax type axles with the largest wheels possible, in diameter not in width. Hope this is of some value.


Derek Robinson.



I have a Vagabond trailer for my H23. When servicing it ahead of a change of ownership and roadworthy, I found that the bearings were badly corroded from immersion in water (fresh Vaal Dam water nogal). I went to a trailer spares specialist company in Randburg and they said the Rubax axles would have to be replaced entirely as the bearings were no longer available – total cost about R6000! I then went to Bearing Man about 2km away and got all eight bearings, cups and oil seals over the counter ex-stock for about R700.


Part numbers:


Inner bearing - LM48548/LM48510

Outer bearing - L44649/L44610




Bruce Hepburn []





Wish I could  - my trailer is totally unroadworthy and currently has my boat on it.
I am keen to build a new trailer in 2009, so maybe a few of us can get together and get some economies of scale and build a few.





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