This page last updated 17th May 2010

On Saturday 15th May we had it was "Sunny Skies, Braaivleis and Holiday 23 at the Gordon's Bay Yacht Club.

Thanks to Ernie and Belinda, who sponsored the braai, we had a fantastic evening. While the Stormers were demolishing the Bulls and the spit was doing his thing we had a fantastic opportunity to get to know each other better. Tjaart van der Linde who recently moved form Richards Bay to Cape Town joined us and we are trying our best to convince him to go and bring his boat to Cape Town as soon as possible.

After the rugby the much needed wind for the Gordon's Bay boats who took part in the Roman Rock overnight race came up. We moved inside of the club, lid a fire and enjoyed the cosy atmosphere of the club with the flames licking the logs in the fireplace contributing to a hearty atmosphere.

By 10'o clock the first boats finished their 40 mile race with crew cold to the bone.

Coenie Thiart