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17th January 2010

Thanks to Derek Robinson for these pictures and information.

The axle and braking system were a complete package from Burquip in Pinetown. The brakes are not hydraulic it mechanical and works with rods and levers and have double brake pads like a car and he is very satisfied with the braking capability.


1) If you are going into Mozambique carry a spare set of inner and outer bearings for all wheels.

2) The only time we have lost a bearing is on the way home.

3) Never launch your boat immediately on arrival, always allow the bearings time to cool off before putting the trailer into the water.

4) I was advised by the ski boat fraternity to use as bigger tyre as possible. I use 215/75R15 tyres and if going to launch off a beach I try and get 245/75R15 tyres.

5) Make sure that you have the correct tools for the job, it makes life so much easier at 18H00 in the middle of the bush. I don't rely on a scissors jack. The height that the trailer must be lifted, in order for the fitting of an inflated tyre, is beyond the range of most jacks and a small hydraulic jack is far safer.

I hope you can make out the supplier of the axles. If not, please let me know. The specs are per axle and I have 2 axles




All the years I make a habit of checking my bearings before a long (>500km) trip - it takes half an hour per wheel and I use Waterproof grease. My wheels are 14" 5 hole 110mm PCD on 185R x 14 tyres (every taxi in SA uses this size)
Some tips.
Ray van Rensburg


7th January 2010

I have attached an excel spreadsheet with fuel consumption stats for the trip. 

It is amazing how little extra it cost to tow Merlot around. 

The trip PMB Ė Cape Town is about 2.5 hrs longer and only R 400.00 extra each way. 

If you think what accommodation costs, the savings are big, never mind the pleasure of sailing different destinations. 

Makes one wonder why we donít see more H23ís on the road. 


Sean Lumley


Consumption Statistics                        
    Kms Litres   Kms/l L/100km            
Date Station Kms Travelled Used  Cost  Consumption Consumption Notes          
19/11/2009 Cascades PMB 85653                      
20/11/2009 Shell Montrose 85853 200 32.74  R    248.80 6.11 16.37 Climb up from PMB over Van Reenens Pass.  
Bloem 1 Stop 86202 349 48.33  R    372.60 7.22 13.85 Van Reenens to Bloem, slight tail wind.    
21/11/2009 Shell 3 Sisters 86665 463 71.25  R    545.05 6.50 15.39 Bloem to 3 sisters incl stop at Hannover.    
Shell Paarl 87136 471 75.5  R    555.70 6.24 16.03 3 Sisters to Paarl, Headwind from Lainsburg to Paarl  
27/11/2009 MKB Laaiplek 87735 599 75.26  R    539.65 7.96 12.56 Paarl to Port Owen + driving around west coast.  
3/12/2009 BP Wine Route 88246 511 74.9  R    570.00 6.82 14.66 Port Owen to GBYC + Driving Around.    
3/12/2009 Shell 3 Sisters 88726 480 60.26  R    476.65 7.97 12.55 Return trip no trailer, travel faster.    
3/12/2009 Bloem 1 Stop 89187 461 47.35  R    376.90 9.74 10.27 Return trip no trailer, travel faster.    
5/12/2009 Cascades PMB 89756 569 74.14  R    570.89 7.67 13.03 Return trip no trailer, travel faster.    
Totals     4103 559.73  R 4,256.24 7.33 13.64            
Towing Consumption   1483 227.82  R 1,722.15 6.51 15.36 Speed 90km/h to 110km/h with over take up to 140 kmh
Ordinary Consumption   1510 181.75  R 1,424.44 8.31 12.04 Speed 120km/h +        
Conclusion Extra cost to tow Holiday 23 1500kms  R       397.08              
  ie +/- 3 litres per 100kms extra.