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I attended the launch of “BLISS”, previously “Fast Fish”on Saturday 22nd August 2009. Peter von Bredow and Helga are the new owners of “Bliss” which they bought at Manten Marina.  

One of Peter and Helga’s old friends Johan Hartman (owner of Fat Cat, Port Owen)  said that he knew Peter and Helga since 1974 and that Peter contributed a lot towards his sailing capabilities. Peter is the president of the Saldanha bay Yacht club and had a few keel boats before, like Thetas, Sadlers, etc. but “upgraded now to a Holiday 23”.  

Dick Manten form Manten Marina took Bliss under hand, polished the top sides and deck, and I must tell you it just came out so beautiful, it almost look as if it was newly painted, luckily not. 

“BLISS” means absolutely enjoyment and also blessed. Peter thanked all who helped him to get the boat from the Vaal Dam and into the water especially Dick Manten and the members of Saldanha bay Yacht Club.  

Peter and Helga may you have lots of memorable times and much enjoyment with your newly acquired boat, I am sure you won’t regret buying a Holiday 23. 



Peter with a smile that       There she goes                  that's salt water!!!.         lets have some more            brrrrr... lekkerrrrrrr                                       Okay Boss you pull the               

says it all!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        ropes I'll watch the





Some of the friends           Peter, Helga & Johan            Let's open these champaign bottel ...            and may she be blessed!

that attended the